Sigrdrifa Pod

Sigrdrifa podcast have been around since 2021 and and been listened to over 100 thousand times. Nordinnan Sigrdrifa Youtube channel have been up since 2016 .  

Nordinnan Sigrdrifa Youtube channel

Sigrdrifa is a counselor with a degree in psychology, MA. She is genuily interested in how indivduals survival stratergies gone dysfunctional. Mythology, esoterica, philosophy and geopolitics are subjects she dives into. Abrahamic sypremecy is revolting to her.

Dance of the Runes

Hell Seger! A healing/victory phrase from our proto German (Urgermanisch) and Indo european heritage

Want You to Fight by My side in Ragnarök!

Förrädare/Traitors we shall hold you accountable